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Luminox is a luxury watchmaker based in San Rafael, California. Their watches are Swiss made and are notable for containing tritium inserts, providing long-term luminescence.

Anne Marie Douglas mentioned, "I bought the Luminox Evo Navy Seal watch for my son when he graduated basic training. It was less than a year old and UNDER WARRANTY when I sent it back to have 3 different things fixed. I was told that two of the things were not covered. I asked them to let me know how much those two things that weren't covered would cost me to fix and the next thing I know the watch was sent back to me. A watch that is less than a year old should not have the hands dangling, the outer ring not working (stopped glowing) and the band already broken. Poor quality, and worse customer service. We have been buying Luminox watches for years and have NEVER had such a problem/. By the way, my son's job in the army is not excessively physical, and even if it was, this watch claims to be able to hold up. NOT HAPPY."


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Former Employee - Customer Service says

"Very unprofessional workplace from HR to employees Don't waist your time here"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything - High Turnover, Treat employees poorly, lack of communication, New Manager can't manage, Favoritism, over work new employees, unorganized, no career advancement, no raise, no bonus"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management doesn't have a clue. Owner and President does not know how to run a business. Promises but does not deliver. Too much employee turnover."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Going through management and structural changes. Systems and procedures not working optimally."

Assistant store manager (Current Employee) says

"rolex, tudor, longines, tag heuer, lladro, baume and mercier, raymond weil, movado, bold, michele, seiko, tissot, rado, omega, fortis, luminox, michal aram, kosta boda, ritani, white gold, platinum, silver, pandora,n/an/a"

Steffen says

"Don´t by these watches. I got a Luminox 8802 Black Opsas a gift from my wife and already within the two years warranty the clockwork had to be changed. Also within the first two years the rubber strap was broken and not covered by warranty. The replacement strap the repair center offered for a very expensive price wasn't even the exact same as the original. After 3,5 years the crown and movement had to be replaced after an impact on the crown. I only use the watch in my daily life in an office, so if this watch is really used by special forces, I would really expect it to be more durable. Besides that, customer service from Luminox Europe is none existing. I filled out two contact forms and wrote one e-mail, and no answers after 2 weeks. I guess they don't answer any contacts that questions the durability of the product."

Anders Jensen says

"Bought a quality watch. Have been really happy with it. Had to replace the leather wristband after some years, but that was expected. However recently, the logo fell of inside the watch. This is an expensive watch, crystal glass, hardened steel case. Expecting that the manufacturer would own up to this obvious error on their part. Only to be rejected by de jura and business fluff. Unfortunately I cannot recommend any of their products based on their reaction. Buy Victorianox instead, they at least own their mistakes, and understand customer service."

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